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10 Amazing Exercises You Can Do with Weight Plates

No bulky and expensive training equipment? No problem! You can jumpstart into a healthy and fit lifestyle with your handy weight plates.
Typically used in combination with barbells, weight plates are often underestimated, and dare we say it, underexplored. When we say weight plates, most people are limited to thinking of only one exercise: lifting. However, it must be known that its simplicity is what makes a weight plate a flexible equipment. Among others, you can use it to build endurance, boost strength, and improve your balance.

Here are ten ways you can integrate weight plates in your regular routine:

1. Plank Plate Switch

Start by doing a plank. Fists should be at eye level and toes firm to the ground. Stack four to five weight plates together at your right. Raise your left arm and grab each plate one by one, stacking them to your left. Once stacked, raise your right arm, grab each plate and stack them to your right. Repeat the process, speeding up as you go.

Plank Plate Switch

2. Pushups with Plates

Start in a pushup position. Keep a plate under each hand, making sure the plates are in contact. Lower your chest and slide plates apart as you go. Aim for your nose to touch the ground. Get back to start position and slide the plates back together. Repeat.

Weight Plate Push up

3. Front Shoulder Raise

Grab a weight plate with both hands. Raise it out right in front of your chest. Control your movement as you go down, and your shoulders as you extend your arms back up.

Front Shoulder Raise

4. Lateral Raise

Stand with a straight torso and with feet hip-width apart. Grab a plate with each hand and keep them to your side. This is your starting position. Raise the plates to your side with a slight bend on the elbow. Stop when your arms are parallel to the floor. Lower the plates slowly back to starting position. Repeat.

Lateral Raise

5. Halo

Raise a plate out in front of your chest with elbows bent. Move plate around your head in a circular motion until you get back to starting position. Switch directions. Repeat.


6. Chest Squeeze Press

Hold and squeeze two plates together in between your hands and across your chest. Shoulders should be kept down. Extend elbows as far as you can go, with the plate going away from the body in chest height. Go back to starting position. Repeat.

Chest Squeeze Press

7. Squat Press

Start in a squat position and make sure your back is straight. When re-assuming standing position raise the plate overhead. Make sure you bring the plate as close to the body while move it over your head.

Squat Press

8. Squat Reach

Your starting position for this exercises is standing upright and holding the plates close to your chest. Do a squat, bending your knees and holding the plates away from your chest as you go. Go back to starting position and repeat.

Squat Reach

9. Side Bend

Stand in an upright position. Hold a plate with your left hand as your right hand holds your waist. Bend your waist to the left as far as you can. Hold for one to two seconds. Go back to starting position and change hands.

Side Bends

10. Overhead Press

As you would with a normal overhead press, raise your chest upwards and arch your back. Hold a plate with both hands. Lift plate overhead and then press it close to your face. Repeat.

Overhead Press

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